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St Margaret's - Queensferry

St Margaret - Queen of Scotland

Our church is dedicated to St Margaret, Queen of Scotland.

St Margaret lived in the 11th century and was considered to be a very pious, benevolent and influential queen. Her name is derived from the greek word for a pearl and she is sometimes called The Pearl of Scotland.

St Margaret started the ferry across the Firth of Forth for pilgrims travelling to St Andrews in Fife. The hamlet supporting this ferry eventually grew to become our Royal Burgh of Queensferry. Margaret was canonised c.1250.

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Lonsdale Frieze
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The illustrations used in this presentation are taken from the Lonsdale Frieze in the magnificent gothic house, Mount Stuart, on the island of Bute (our thanks to the Mount Stuart Trust for their kind permission to use these images). The last illustration is a copy of St Margaret's Gospel Book from St Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle.

This frieze was created by the Victorian artist, H. W. Lonsdale, and commissioned by the 3rd Marquess of Bute. The Marquess had a special interest in St Margaret, from whom he claimed descent, and also named his daughter. The house is well worth a visit and the frieze can be seen in the Family Bedroom. See http://www.mountstuart.com/ to find out more.

The Lonsdale Frieze has another link with Queensferry. Clare Meredith, paintings conservator and Queensferry resident, led the team that reinstated the Lonsdale Frieze in 2000. This was a complex task as the 15 fragile canvases, which make up the Family Bedroom Frieze, had been removed from the room in the 1940s and had lain rolled up in the attics of Mount Stuart for some fifty years.

St Margaret's Chapel
Edinburgh Castle

Mount Stuart


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